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If you take a look on the BeanHunter’s website for the best coffee in Australia you’ll find a list of cafes in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney which are all ranked lower than Nowra.

Pip de Pulford and his eclectic crew at Hyper Hyper Coffee were voted into first place.

The BeanHunter app offers coffee lovers the world over a place to publicly praise or criticise cafes.

They can offer them a rank out of 10 and add comments supporting their ranking.

Hyper Hyper Coffee has been ranked 9.4.

Mr de Pulford and his band of baristas earned their ranking the hard way.

He roasts his own Fairtrade organic beans in a 1950s machine. The coffee flows through heads on restored 1950s and 1960s lever press espresso machines.

“Earlier this year we made it up to number two in Australia on BeanHunter, but to get to number one is a hell of a thing,” Mr de Pulford said.

“One of Australia’s top reviewers is on the site and he gave us top marks.”

Barista David Muratore from Cambewarra was pleased about the recognition.

“It’s good to be appreciated for doing something different. We’ve got our own flavour and feel which I attribute to Pip’s genius,” he said.

85 North St
Nowra, NSW 2541 

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